450 patients recruited in PROMISE!

Today we have reached 450 patients recruited in the PROMISE study, the validation of a patient-reported outcome scale in acute pancreatitis. Our aim is to have a tool to be an easy outcome variable to test new treatments in acute pancreatitis. Currently we have centers from Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Ukraine and USA actively recruiting patients. We expect to close the study in less than 6 months. We have also presented the first abstract from the PROMISE database in the last EPC meeting (Berlin June 2018).

Thanks for your commitment!

More than 100 patients recruited in PROMISE

PROMISE is going well! We have recruited more than 100 patients from Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Italy and Romania.
We are excited with this collaborative effort, with many friends from many nations! We hope to validate a patient reported outcome measurement scale in acute pancreatitis, to be used in the future to test new treatments for this frequent disease.
If you have the permission from your local IRB, please start recruiting patients, it is easy, feasible and you will be able to use the data for collateral studies.

More than 50 patients recruited!

The PROMISE study, the international validation of a patient-reported outcome scale in acute pancreatitis started recruiting patients at the beginning of summer. More than 50 patients have been recruited from several centers in Europe and America. More than 15 centers currently have the IRB approval to join PROMISE, and soon new centers will be able to start the study.
Our fellow colleagues found the printed and electronic Case Report Form easy and feasible, so we expect a good recruitment rate in the future
Thanks for joining us in this exciting project! We aim to provide a new tool to test new treatments for this frequent disease


After some of your suggestions, we have updated authorship policies in PROMISE:

Authors in the main paper: centers providing 40 patients without missing data and at least 20% moderate-to-severe: 1 author, centers providing 80 patients without missing data and at least 20% moderate-to-severe: 2 authors. The other authors will be listed as collaborators (2 per center, the PROMISE study group). The final journal may restrict the number of authors, in that case authors will be chosen according to the number of patients included, up to the maximum number of authors allowed by the journal

Authors in collateral studies: you can always use data from your own centers for your studies not involving the PROMISE scale, and you will decide the authors. Collaborators contributing with 40 patients or more will have the possibility of collateral studies with the centers from a particular region/country, you will have 4 authors from your centers, 2 authors from the other center of that region/country and 1 from the designers of PROMISE. Authors contributing with 60 patients or more will have the possibility of collateral studies with the whole database. Authorship: the collaborating center will have 6 co-authors for their collateral study (including first and last author), 1 from the designers of PROMISE and up to 6 authors from top-collaborating centers. A scientific committee will review the proposal, and if OK we will share the database with the center. Timing is important: centers who claim first to perform a specific study after reaching the above mentioned threshold, will be on charge of that study. We will allow 1 collateral study per center. There will be a 6-month deadline for the draft of the paper after receiving the database.

PROMISE is now recruiting patients!

Three hospitals from Spain have started to recruit patients in PROMISE, the validation of a patient reported outcome scale in acute pancreatitis, and several centers in other countries are almost ready to start. The PROMISE scale has been translated to many languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Urdu! 106 researchers from 88 centers, 31 countries involving 22 languages have joined this project.

PROMISE is a simple 7-question scale that has been derived from the opinion of patients who suffered an episode of acute pancreatitis. It is being validated in 4 types of variables: EORTC-30 QoL scale, severity according to the revised Atlanta classification, mortality and several markers of morbidity (hospital stay, time to oral re-feeding, need for ICU/invasive treatment, etc). The final aim is to have a tool to make clinical trials testing new treatments for this frequent disease.

We are utterly excited with this challenging collaborative effort!