Three hospitals from Spain have started to recruit patients in PROMISE, the validation of a patient reported outcome scale in acute pancreatitis, and several centers in other countries are almost ready to start. The PROMISE scale has been translated to many languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, English, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Urdu! 106 researchers from 88 centers, 31 countries involving 22 languages have joined this project.

PROMISE is a simple 7-question scale that has been derived from the opinion of patients who suffered an episode of acute pancreatitis. It is being validated in 4 types of variables: EORTC-30 QoL scale, severity according to the revised Atlanta classification, mortality and several markers of morbidity (hospital stay, time to oral re-feeding, need for ICU/invasive treatment, etc). The final aim is to have a tool to make clinical trials testing new treatments for this frequent disease.

We are utterly excited with this challenging collaborative effort!

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