Up to now, 74 centers from 29 countries involving 20 different languages have joined PROMISE, the validation of a patient reported outcome scale in acute pancreatitis. We are very proud of the success of this investigator-initiated study with no support from the pharmaceutical industry. We have entered our first 4 patients in Alicante, Spain (coordinating center). The PROMISE scale can be done in 2 minutes, and the EORTC-30 QoL scale in 4 minutes, so the study is simple and feasible. We have used our calendar app in our cell phones to set alarms for calling our patients in the scheduled time points for the PROMISE scale and EORTC-30 QoL scale, making it easy. We have designed a tutorial involving all the practical aspects of the study (how to get a REDCap AEG account, how to enter data, tips and tricks, FAQ…)

All this work is centered on the patient views; we defend that medical care should be centered on the patient. We hope we will be able to validate this scale, which is aimed to test new treatments for acute pancreatitis.

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